Finish in as quick as 1 month or less!

Complete Openroad Course

  • 6 hours of behind the wheel
  • 6 hours of observation (Optional)
  • 30 hours online course

Total Tuition: $595.00 

Need to finish fast?  The fast track puts you on a list of students who will be called once each week and placed on the schedule by an A-1 representative. 

  • Finish in one month or less.
  • Office will contact you and help you schedule three driving sessions.
  • One drive per week is guaranteed.  Time/day of the week will be assigned.
  • A-1 will need to see a valid learners permit before scheduling begins.
  • Cancelling a scheduled appointment will result in an additional week added to the schedule for each cancelation.
  • Not showing up for a scheduled appoinment will result in a $60 fee.
  • Call to pre-register.

Space is limited. For more information or to register, contact our Main office for more details at 801-943-2525.