Our Top Quality Programs

A-1 Driving School has become one of the most highly regarded schools in Utah and Nevada because of our instructors and our dedication to service. We truly care about helping you become the best driver you can possibly be. Our goal is to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to make this happen, through our various programs.


Classroom Course ($320.00)

This complete course is a great option for those that would like the classroom environment where you always have a teacher available. It is a fun way to get excellent classroom instruction along with your in car training, and get to driving. It involves 9 two-hour classes (lectures, video instruction, and a variety of learning activities), 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, and 6 hours observing the training of other student drivers.

Internet Study ($325.00)

We offer online courses through Driversed.com and OpenRoad.com to help you learn the necessary theory information of driving online. This is a great option for those who would like the flexablity of completing the classroom portion of driver education from your computer. The complete course includes 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation time to fulfill your driver education requirement. Program includes an in person online final exam that is scheduled and taken at select A-1 locations.

Driving and Observation Only ($290.00)

If you have already finished the "classroom" theory portion of Driver's Education, this driving and observation only course may be perfect for you. During this training, we will provide you the State required 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation time. You will receive a certificate showing that you have had the appropriate number of in-car training hours to go along with your proof of completing the classroom portion elsewhere.

19+ Driver Education

There are many different reasons why you may need a Driver's Ed course throughout your adult life. A-1 Driving School understands the concerns of adult individuals who need drivers training. These reasons may include an upcoming driving exam or refreshing yourself on the laws. For some individuals, you simply may not have decided to learn to drive until you're older. Whether your needs include a complete driver education course or courses specifically built to help you prepare for the State written and road exams, A-1 has a program for you! 

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Home Study ($300.00)

This course allows you to complete the classroom porion of driver education by completing a workbook organized into 9 lessons.  You can work at your own pace and complete the theory portion of your driver education requirement anywhere that is convienent for you.  You don't need to be to a class at a specific time or even a computer.  This course includes 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation time to complete your driver education requirement.  Program includes an in person final exam that is scheduled and taken at select A-1 locations.

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Road Test ($40)

If you have completed driver education somewhere other than A-1, we can provide the required State road test. One of our friendly, professional, certified Utah Road Testers are able to serve you from select A-1 locations.  Feel free to contact us at (801) 943-2525 or (888) 420-2525 to schedule your test today!

In accordance with State law*, A-1 will only be able to provide testing to individuals who did not receive training from A-1 Driving School.

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Private Driving Lessons

A-1 offers additional driving practice to those who may be preparing for a State road test, are new to the area or who may just need additional driving practice on the freeway or with parallel parking.  Whatever your driving needs are, we can provide additional one-on-one driving time with a professtional instructor in a safe, stress free environment.  We can meet you at an A-1 office and drive for a full two hours or offer pick up and drop off service which would include 1 1/2 hours of training per session.  To schedule a private lesson please call us at 801-943-2525 or 888-420-2525.

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Las Vegas Driving Programs

Serving the Entire Las Vegas Metro Area.  A-1 Nevada can provide experience behind-the-wheel with a trained instructor that provides the new driver a foundation of defensive driving skills upon which to build safe driving habits. Please contact us at 702-538-9347 for more information.

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