Driving and Observation Only

Behind-the-Wheel & Observation Instruction

Tuition: $350.00

A-1 Driving School offers a drive/observation only course for individuals who have obtained the classroom portion of their driver education elsewhere. Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of completion in your name providing proof of behind-the-wheel and observation training. Observation hours are now optional.  You can present this certificate with a separate document indicating classroom completion from an approved program to meet the State of Utah's requirements for drivers education.

Our driving/observation only course consists of:
  • Six hours of behind-the-wheel training (three 2-hour sessions).
  • Six hours observing the training of other student drivers (three 2-hour sessions). Observations are encouraged but optional.
  • All driving done with a state certified instructor in A-1 vehicles

For more information or to register for the course, contact us today at (801) 943-2525.


Summer Registration

Summer is a great time to take driver education! We are working hard and committed to helping every student in a timely manner. However, due to the high demand during the summer and fall months, you should anticipate that it will take longer to complete the course during this time of year. Registations are limited so sign up early (caps in place).  If you have any concerns about the length of time it will take to complete the course, please contact us prior to registering to get an idea of how long things will take.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to help all of our students.