Observation Requirement Update

The observation portion of driver education will remain optional but is no longer be a requirement for licensing.  A-1 Driving School sees great value in the observation hours and we will continue to make the observation hours available to you at no additional cost.  

  • Observation hours are still encouraged. Observation hours give you the opportunity to receive an additional 6 hours of instruction by observing a professional driving instructor providing training to other students. 
  • Observation hours are encouraged but no longer required for licensing. 
  • If you choose to participate in observations, it is recommended that you schedule your observations hours before your driving hours.
  • Any optional observation hours you choose to do must be completed prior to you completing your third driving session.
  • You will be completed in the state system upon completing the “classroom” portion of your training and/or the third driving session. (24 – 48 hours after completing final requirements)

Learning to be a Defensive Driver

The purpose of A-1 Driving School is to help people get a Utah Drivers License as quickly, conveniently, and safely as possible.  A-1's professional, State Certified instructors are friendly, patient, and well prepared.  They are thoroughly trained to deliver the experience and knowledge necessary to develop safe driving habits.
No matter what your driving education needs may be, A-1 Driving School has a program for you.  We provide an enjoyable, stress free, and safe environment conducive to mastering the rules of the road.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you.
At A-1 Driving School, our mission is to help you become more than just a good driver. We want to provide you with the instruction and driving skills that are needed to ultimately make you a safe and defensive driver. While other schools may teach you simply the basics, we go above and beyond in our driver training. We know that driving habits are generally formed early on, so we hope to teach you the correct way to operate a vehicle right from the beginning. The instructors who teach our programs are state-certified and licensed by the Utah Driver License Division.
We welcome the opportunity to help you come out of your Driver's Ed experience with the tools that are needed for a lifetime of safe driving. Don't hesitate to register online for our courses or you may contact us at (888) 420-2525 or (801) 943-2525!