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Have you been trying to find a school to complete your Driver's Ed requirements? It can be very difficult to choose the right school, with all of the different choices and information being very overwhelming. Here at A-1 Driving School, we have simplified the registration process as much as possible to help you. Through our website, you can easily register for the appropriate course you need. In addition, we offer a variety of different courses to suit your particular needs and lifestyle.

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Student Agreements

There are certain rules and regulations we expect all students to follow during our courses. These are very simple, easy to understand rules. They involve such things such as refraining from cheating and the use of alcohol or illegal drugs during the program and testing portion of the program. We also mandate that all required fees and necessary documents are taken care of prior to the course. Our staff will go over these rules and regulations with you in more detail once you register for a class for us.

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We aim to make our Driver's Ed course as easy as possible for everyone involved, but this requires a sense of honesty and commitment. You must truly dedicate yourself to learning the materials, and apply them to become an excellent driver. By selecting us as your driving instructors, you can rest assured you can only benefit from the classes we offer. We truly look forward to teaching you the necessary information and setting you up for a lifetime of driving. Please browse our selection of courses or call us now at (888) 420-2525!

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  • Most experienced and qualified driving instructors available
  • Offers three different driver education programs
  • Eleven locations throughout the Wasatch Front
  • A-1 provides driving evaluations at TOSH Medical Center