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A-1 Driving School has become one of the most highly-regarded schools in Utah and Nevada because of our instructors and our dedication to service. We truly care about helping you become the best driver you can possibly be. Our goal is to give you the necessary knowledge and skills to make this happen, through our various programs.

Our programs are as follows:

  • 9 day classroom course: This course is one of our most popular courses. It is a rapid way to get behind the wheel, learn the basics, and get to driving. It involves 9 two-hour classes (lectures, video instruction, and a variety of learning activities), 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, and 6 hours observing the training of other student drivers.
  • Driving only course: If you have already finished the "classroom" learning portion of Driver's Ed, this driving only course may be perfect for you. During this course, we give you the necessary practice and hands-on experience behind the wheel. You will receive a certificate proving you have had the appropriate number of hours driving.
  • Internet study course: We offer online courses through Driversed.com and OpenRoad.com to help you learn the necessary information of driving online. This involves a complete Driver's Ed program, so when you get behind the wheel, you will be fully prepared and informed. You can even schedule the final exam to be taken at your chosen A-1 Driving School location.
  • Home study course: Are you interested in studying all of the necessary information at home? We offer a course where you can work at your own pace and finish in as little as 30 hours. The driving and observation portions of the course may be scheduled at any time; you do not need to finish the lessons before driving.
  • Adult driver education: There are many different reasons that you may need a Driver's Ed course throughout your adult life. These reasons may include an upcoming special exam or refreshing yourself on the laws. For some individuals, you simply may not have decided to learn to drive until you're older.

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  • Most experienced and qualified driving instructors available
  • Offers three different driver education programs
  • Eleven locations throughout the Wasatch Front
  • A-1 provides driving evaluations at TOSH Medical Center